Video: SGA student body candidates sound off in a debate



    SGA Student Officer candidates sounded off in a video debate in preparation for November’s election.

    Candidates David Belpedio for Treasurer, Graham McMillan for Vice President of External Relations, Joshua Simpson for Vice President of Operations, and Saman Sadeghi and Brent Folan for President gave opening statements and responded to moderated questions.

    In the debate between Sadeghi and Folan, each candidate expressed a desire to amp up school spirit headed into the Big 12 Conference with pep rallies and improved tailgating for sporting events.

    Both candidates were asked what their first move in office would be if they were to take office the next day. Folan said he would tackle the campus’ parking issue while Sadeghi said he would begin work on expanding dining resources for the university’s growing population.

    Sadeghi said he would hold a weekly “president’s luncheon” with randomly selected  students to hear their concerns, ideas and what they would like to see implemented.

    Folan said he would improve SGA’s utilization of social media and implement his idea for, a resource for students looking for rides to and from airports and hometowns before and after university holidays.

    Both candidates said their job as president would be to act as liaison between students and administrators and make sure students’ voices are heard.

    Belpedio, a junior business major, said he wanted to see more student input in musician selection for SGA’s annual concert as well as an increase in the number of free print pages for students in the library. Although he said he approved of SGA’s budget, he said he would like to provide money in the budget for student organizations to pair up with SGA in an effort to be more successful in putting on events.

    McMillan, a sophomore political science major, said his main focus would be to foster community on campus and around Fort Worth and connect students and administration by reaching out to local businesses and promoting SGA-sponsored events.

    Simpson, a junior business and political science double major, said his goal was to make SGA more “inclusive, responsive and connected.” He also said he planned to help create campus-wide student organization events with the use of SGA’s budget.

    Students can vote in the 2011 Student Body Election Tuesday, Nov. 8 at 7 a.m. to Wednesday, Nov. 9 at noon by choosing “Survey System” under the “Helpful Links” sidebar tab on