Faculty Senate to review wireless access resolution


    TCU Faculty Senate will listen to a resolution today that asks the administration to open the TCU wireless network to all faculty and staff.

    The Resolution on Access to Wireless Networks urges Technology Resources to make student access to TCU networks more reliable, as well as, make treatment and support for both Mac and PC users equal.

    The resolution also addresses the connectivity issues both students and faulty have had with the StuWireless network. The resolution cites both the mission statement and the increase reliance on smart phones, tablets, and other mobile wireless devices as its motivation.

    Dr. Ted Legatski, the chair of the Student Relations Committee which submitted the resolution said in an email both SGA Vice President of Internal Affairs Brett Anderson and President Jackie Wheeler gave input, but they did not help with the actual drafting of the resolution. 

    According to the resolution, Mac users currently experience more problems than PC users.

    The resolution stated difficulties from the current wireless network have negatively impacted on the ability of TCU students, faculty and support staff to contribute to TCU’s mission and achieve academic and operational excellence.

    Dr. Legastski said in an email the issue has come up from time to time, but this particular resolution came about at Anderson's request. 

    The resolution can be found below.

    It is the last item on the meeting’s agenda. The meeting is scheduled for today from 3:30 p.m. to 5 p.m.