Campaign class brings Recyclops to life


    Freshman journalism major Rachel Roberts said she thought  College of Communication students just needed a push in the right direction when it came to recycling.

    “I’ve seen resources for us to [recycle], but I don’t see the students recycling as much,” Roberts said. “TCU could promote it more.”

    That is where Recyclops steps in.

    Senior strategic communication major Craig Calloway said the campaign was a part of Assistant Professor Wendy Macias’ Strategic Communication Campaigns class. The aim of the campaign was to increase awareness in the College of Communication.

    Calloway said his class chose this campaign from recycling-based options at the beginning of the semester.

    “We want there to be a better understanding of how TCU recycles,” Calloway said. “We want people to care about their own impact in the College of Communication.”

    Calloway said Recyclops wanted to put recycling bins to collect paper throughout Moudy South in places students pass often, such as the elevators.

    Recyclops members were also planning a recycling day for Nov. 14  complete with free Chick-fil-A food and T-shirts, Calloway said. The group would have more information as the date nears.

    The campaign currently focused on the College of Communication, but Calloway said he hoped it would spread to the entire campus.

    “TCU recycles, but it’s not actually that prevalent,” Calloway said. “It doesn’t appear to be a priority on campus, but it’s something everybody cares about: faculty, staff, students.”

    Recyclops received outside help from Instructor Steve Levering’s Communication Graphics class. The group asked Levering’s class to design a flier, which Levering required students to help with as part of the class.

    “We like to try and find real-world projects when we can,” Levering said.Roberts said she had not heard of the Recyclops campaign yet.

    “It doesn’t take much to recycle,” she said.