Coach critical of practice rules


    Head coach Jim Christian criticized the current NCAA practice rules and pointed to the restrictive bylaws as a cause for the influx of injuries that occur early in the season.

    Under the current NCAA rules, teams are allowed two hours of organized practice time a week leading up to the start of official practice on Oct. 15. Christian said the rule, which forces players to adjust from a two-hour to a 20-hour week schedule, leads to injuries.

    “I hate this time of the year,” Christian said. “I think they do these kids an injustice to be quite honest with you. We’re allowed two hours a week then we throw them into 20 hours a week. Look around the country at the people who get hurt.”

    Christian suggested the rule be changed to what it is on the women’s side — teams begin full practice 40 days before their first games.

    “I wish they would go to the women’s rule, and I wish they would let you scrimmage every week like you do in high school,” Christian said. “You play every week against somebody within 50 miles of your campus. That’s what these kids want. That’s what we want. You get a better judge for your team going into the year. I think we’re missing the boat in college basketball with what we’re asking these kids to do with their bodies.”