Students support child abuse awareness


    Colorful pinwheels and candy are sprinkled on a table outside of the library today. The pinwheel display represents child abuse and neglect.

    “I think child abuse sometimes is a thing that people don’t really want to talk about,” junior neuroscience major Haydee Izurieta.

    The display was part of an exercise in the Children in Global Community class with professor Erin Razuri. Izurieta and senior history and child development double major Thomas Brackendorff chose the Prevent Child Abuse America organization.

    Izurieta said she believed a large part of prevention was awareness. There are hotlines and organizations available to help the community, Izurieta said.

    The students chose to bring awareness to different child-focused organizations. Students in the class chose other organizations including awareness of child soldiers in Africa and child poverty in Latin America, Brackendorff said. 

    The display will be set up until 1 p.m. today.