SGA candidates campaign by video


    As the only contested opponents in this year’s SGA election, Saman Sadeghi and Brent Folan took their campaigns to the virtual level.

    The presidential candidates posted separate videos trying to sway students their way. One video stars a famous alumnus endorsing a candidate. The other video has students literally doing back-flips for the contender The videos were posted late last week on Facebook and YouTube.

    Rollin' with Folan for President on Nov 8

    Junior finance major Brent Folan’s video included many groups of students repeating “I’m rollin’ with Folan. Are you?”

    The video tradition began in 2009 when Folan ran with junior marketing major Hunter Sprague for the House of Representatives for the Class of 2013, Folan said. Their campaign included a video on YouTube titled Votes 'n' Goals.

    Folan said past videos helped him win elections and wanted to create a video that stood out.

    This year’s video had a few of the university’s many backdrops including M.E. Sadler Hall, University Recreation Center and Mary Couts Burnett Library.

    “I really hope everyone gets to watch it,” Folan said.

    Folan said he hoped the video would go viral. “Rollin' with Folan for President on Nov 8” had nearly 350 hits on Saturday at 7:30 p.m.

    Tim Halperin's New Song (Tim stands UNITED with Saman)

    Junior political science and economics double major Sadeghi said he wanted to be creative with the campaign.

    TCU alumnus Tim Halperin starred in Sadeghi’s video posted on Facebook. Halperin debuted a “new song” asking students to vote for Sadeghi.

    Halperin has a reputation at TCU and his endorsement is valued by students, Sadeghi said.

    “I think he’s somebody that could represent TCU really well,” Halperin said. “The thing I love about Saman is that he finds creative solutions.”

    Halperin’s lyrics included “Oh he bleeds purple for TCU and when Saman sleeps, he sleep talks and says Riff Ram Bah Zoo.”

    No matter what, this will be a great experience for Sadeghi to learn a lot and challenge himself, Halperin said. 

    There will be another video posted Monday that has Halperin speaking on why Sadeghi would be a good president.

    Students can vote Tuesday, Nov. 8 at 7 a.m. until Wednesday, Nov. 9 at noon.