Students can still snag the job


    Students still searching for a job or internship may not be too late. 

    “This time frame here in November and going into the holidays is really a good time for students wrap up everything they’ve done through the recruiting cycles so far including who they met during expo,”  said Ashley Grubbs, the associate director of employer development for Career Services.

    Students can still go back through their contacts they made and follow up on anyone they never heard back from, Grubbs said.

    It’s not too late for those graduating in December to land the job either.

    “We don’t really want them [those graduating in December] to absolutely have a melt down because there is still time,” Grubbs said. “They need to be checking FrogJobs regularly, they need to improve their resume, brush up on their skills because it’s not too late because that’s what Career Services is here for.”

    There are new job postings on FrogJobs everyday but even if students do have a FrogJob profile they need to make sure it is up to date said Grubbs.

    “A lot of students don’t know their profiles on FrogJobs are not correct," Grubbs said.
    “They haven’t updated them in two years.”

    Grubbs also emphasized the importance of starting early when searching for a job.

    At this past semester’s career and internship expo 27 percent of the attendees were sophomores which was larger than both the senior attendance, 24 percent, or the junior attendance, 22 percent according to statistics from Career Services. 

    “We want to do all we can to help prepare students and bring opportunities to meet employers but the students really have to have some pro activeness as well,” Grubbs said.

    Career Services conducts information sessions for parents during freshman orientation  to help the parents encourage their students to get connected on FrogJobs, Grubbs said.

    “Expo is your introduction but you want to make sure that all of your information is correct that your resume is good, that you’ve done all of the necessary prep with Career Services before you start attending that and the other activities because that is what is going to land you the ultimate interview,” Grubbs said.