“Drifters” ousted from library by TCU Police


    Two men described by police as drifters were detained briefly and issued criminal trespass warnings Thursday after they jumped over the turnstile at the Mary Couts Burnett Library, Officer David Loftis said.

    The men, who were not TCU students, were issued criminal trespass warnings. TCU Police could not release their names because they were not arrested, Loftis said.

    Loftis and Officer Dale Rico were dispatched to a suspicious persons call between the Sid Richardson Building and the library Thursday afternoon.

    A library worker told the officers that the men had jumped over the turnstile to and were in the computer lab.

    “We instructed the one sitting down to get up and come with us, and the other one uttered some vulgarity, at which time he was placed in handcuffs and escorted from the library,” Loftis said.

    The men were detained for questioning and found not to be intoxicated.

    “We told them that they weren’t allowed to be on campus,” Loftis said. “In the event they come back on campus for any reason in the next six months, they’ll be arrested for criminal trespass.”

    Loftis said the men were drifters, and had been travelling the nation by rail as stowaways for the past four years.

    The men told police the were staying “down by the river.” They were released after receiving the warnings, Loftis said.

    “The TCU campus is all at peace again by 5 o’clock,” Loftis said.