Campaign to raise voices, not money


    “We’re not asking for your money, we’re asking for your voice,” is the slogan used in an effort to fight poverty and disease in the ONE campaign.

    ONE is a grass-roots advocacy and campaigning organization that fights extreme poverty and preventable disease, particularly in Africa. It is backed by more than 2.5 million people, according to their website.

    Ciara O’Modhrain, a junior anthropology and sociology double major, said ONE  believes that drought is an act of nature, but famine is caused by humanity.

    The nonpartisan organization looks for smart and sustainable solutions for the problem of famine, O’Modhrain said.

    “There is no reason people should be starving,” O’Modhrain said.

    As a ONE campus intern, O’Modhrain’s job is to raise awareness in the area by partnering with local nonpartisan organizations to host documentary screenings, she said.

    The campaign also encourages people to write letters to their state representatives asking that spending not be cut in areas of international aid, O’Modhrain said.

    Handwritten letters from multiple people help show that this is an important issue to people, she said.

    “We recognize the power of the human voice,” O’Modhrain said.

    Sophomore strategic communication major Morgan Helgreen said the letters are also a way to say thank you to state representatives who are listening to the requests.

    Helgreen said she became involved with the ONE campaign after talking with a friend about the cause.

    Many celebrities, like Bono, help promote the campaign, she said.

    Helgreen said she is interested in volunteering as well as reaching the community about these issues.

    According to their website, ONE  also helps to find solutions for problems concerning issues such as HIV, AIDS, education and agriculture.

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