TCU tuition to go up 6.5 percent in 2012-2013


    TCU tuition will increase 6.5 percent for the 2012-2013 academic year, according to an email to students from Chancellor Victor Boschini.

    The total tuition cost will be $34,500.

    Financial aid will also increase 6.5 percent, according to the email.

    "The Board of Trustees considers many factors when deciding on a tuition increase. It's never an easy decision to raise tuition but we must continue to focus on enhancing the TCU experience, and to do so has financial impact," said Board of Trustees Chairman Clarence Scharbauer III in an email through the board's secretary Karen Baker.

    "We also voted to increase financial aid by the same percent as the tuition increase in an effort to keep the TCU experience accessible to those who desire to receive a TCU degree," said Scharbauer in an email.

    Here's a look at the tuition increases in the last seven years.

    Year Tuition Percent Increase
    2006 $22,980 8.0 percent
    2007 $24,820 8.0 percent
    2008 $26,900 8.3 percent
    2009 $28,250 5.0 percent
    2010 $30,000 6.2 percent
    2011 $32,400 8.0 percent
    2012 $34,500 6.5 percent