Chancellor plans to attend Occupy Sadler


    Chancellor Victor Boschini is among those planning to attend today's Occupy Sadler demonstration.

    The demonstartion will take place at 4:30 p.m. on Sadler Lawn. 

    In discussing his plans to attend the demonstration, Boschini said he wanted to hear students concerns. He said he was aware of the Occupy Sadler movement, but as of Wednesday morning he was still waiting to hear from the organization.

    The movement began after tuition increases were announced Tuesday in an email to students. Students took to Twitter and Facebook to voice their concerns and started to create a following with the hashtag #OccupySadler. 

    “You can have Sadler if you want it; I think it’s pretty boring,” Boschini said. “What I think is more important is tell me what your issues are and let me respond to those."

    “They’ve never contacted me,” he added. “Which I think is kind of strange. I’ve seen it on Facebook, but they’ve never asked me.”

    He said he’s heard some of the organization’s suggestions.

    “I see the big things they have are: could we have a flat tuition rate grandfathered in; could we know about it more in advance. All things I think we could easily answer for them but no one has asked me.”

    Boschini said he has had some response to the tuition increase.

    “Maybe I’ve gotten 11 emails and phone calls about it and one was positive and ten negative to the middle of the road.”

    Boschini said he expected quick responses to the announcement.

    “That’s why we send the note out to all students and to all parents and a couple days after that we get responses right away,” Boschini said.