Reasons behind increase explained


    The announcement of the tuition increase on Tuesday had students questioning where their money would go. Chancellor Victor Boschini sat down Wednesday morning to answer some questions concerning the hike and wher the funds would go.

    I know that you increased campus services such as the Counseling Center and the Career Services, why would you increase those now?

    Because that’s what students wanted.

    How did you find that out?

    From walking around campus to every meeting of the Student Affairs committee of the board which the students speak at. At the most recent student affairs committee [meeting] they wanted the following new positions: a new psychiatrist, more library staff, more security staff at the library, more medical staff in the health center, a new field house and bathrooms out at the intramural sites. We can’t do all of that but we try to respond to whatever they want.

    We’re getting two to five new residence halls, correct?

    We’re just doing two right now to start with and they’re going to be across from that corner of the Rec Center. Those don’t affect tuition because residence halls pay for themselves because the people in they eventually pay off the bonds for them.We generally use working capital for those or borrow the money by bonding them because the kids pay them off as they live in them.

    We increased residence halls, are you planning on increasing student population?

    No, well I don’t know that for sure but I think the answer is going to be no. The board is considering that in their retreat in February. My opinion is there are enough people on the board on the groove that say that’s not what TCU is. We’re not supposed to be 20,000 students we’re 9,000 people here at TCU we change your life. I think that is the one that will prevail. What we’re trying to do is build more residence halls so more students can live on campus not so we can have more students.

    I know in part of the tuition raising they’re planning on renovating the baseball stadium?

    No that’s all fundraising. For the nine years I’ve been here it’s been talked about since the day I got here. But because now finally we have so many more people going to the games that’s really what probably stimulated it. But we’re still not sure we’ll be able to do that because we have to raise the money for it first. Now, they raised the money for the stadium a lot quicker than we thought. The football stadium, so maybe that will happen.

    There are 17 new faculty positions, where are those throughout the campus?

    They’re all over. Every different college got some of them and some colleges got more than others. I’m definitely sure every single college.

    What is the number one thing you think students should know about the tuition increase?

    That it’s all being spent on them and we’re just trying to respond to student needs. The moment students stop wanting things then we wouldn’t have to do that anymore or it wouldn’t have to be this high. You’re always going to have some tuition increase because you’re always going to have to increase salaries on campus which I think you do. I mean you have to pay a fair wage to everyone on campus and give them a raise. Well I don’t think you have to but I think you do. So it would have to increase by something but the extra amount for that goes for all these other services we have on campus.