VITALS to hold alcohol awareness event today


    Vomiting, incoherent, temperature, absence of color, low breathing and seizures, are all symptoms of alcohol poisoning at the heart of the VITALS campaign.

    A team of 11 students from the Schieffer School’s strategic communication program developed the campaign, funded by a $50,000 grant from the Century Council. 

    “We know that we can’t tell students not to drink on a college campus, it’s impossible, so we are trying to teach students how to party responsibly,” senior Amanda Garrison, CEO for the campaign, said.

    Professor Amiso George of the Strategic Communication Department is supervising the team.

    The campaign officially kicks off Thursday in the Brown-Lupton University Union Auditorium from 4-6 p.m.

    “The important thing to us is that you know the signs of alcohol poisoning, so that if it does happen, you are prepared and know what to look for,” said Kay Frano, a senior strategic communication major on the VITALS team. The acronym not only spells out what signs to look for, but the word itself explains the focus of the campaign.

    “It looks like everyone has put a lot of thought into making it a very attractive event and of course that is the purpose, so that students can get the key message of what the VITALS campaign is all about,” said Director John Lumpkin of the Schieffer School.

    Not only will information regarding the campaign be provided, but the campaign also hopes to provide a fun social event. There will be food, speakers, live music, a raffle, and prize giveaways. There will be a performance by The Charlie Chapters band, and a special performance by South Moudy Blues, a band comprised of Schieffer School professors.

    For more information about the campaign visit TCU VITALS.