Discretion is key in using social media


    Many college students turn to social networking sites to keep track of breaking stories, view scoring updates during collegiate and professional sporting events, and to connect with people from all over the world. At a time when social media is at the forefront of communication, it only makes sense that many students are looking to these sites for advice on healthier lifestyles.

    Many Twitter accounts are operated by news outlets such as Men’s Health Magazine and GQ, and are proving beneficial to followers. Becoming aware of small snippets of information at a time that enhances one’s quality of life can make the transition into a healthier lifestyle more realistic and easier to do — especially for college students.

    The only precaution that individuals looking to better themselves should take is to make sure that the information they are choosing to follow is accurate. Not every source is credible, and to see someone put forth the effort to be informed and healthy only to be misled would be truly unfortunate.

    Overall, using the networks that fuel us to simultaneously better us can ultimately prove rewarding to all who get on board, and we can proudly say that our generation is using Twitter to become fitter. 


    Opinion editor Andrea Masenda for the editorial board.