Politically passionate TCU student brings activism to campus



    That’s the word junior political science major Michael Millican uses to describe himself.

    Millican has been committed to bringing political awareness and activism to TCU through his founding of the TCU chapter of Youth for Ron Paul, his involvement in Young Americans for Liberty  and his leadership in on-campus the Occupy Sadler movement.

    Millican, a Birmingham, Ala. native, has always been interested in politics, he said. His grandfather was a leader in the Republican Party in Alabama, and he was raised to follow politics, he said.

    Millican  started the TCU chapter of Youth for Ron Paul out of his dorm room. He chose to support Paul because he said he believed Paul was the only candidate whose policies and ideals connected with young people. Ron Paul is his biggest inspiration, he said.

    Millican said he would not turn down the opportunity to be elected president himself.

    “I think anyone who is interested in politics would want to be president,” he said. “I don’t want to set goals to be elected. I think that if it’s an opportunity, then you take it.”

    As the spokesperson for the Occupy Sadler event last semester, Millican learned the value of social media and how quickly an idea can spread online, he said.

    Occupy Sadler was a student-led event in Nov. 2011 protesting the university’s announced tuition increase. Protestors wanted transparency from school administration in regards to where their money was going, Millican said.

    He said he hoped Occupy Sadler was able to “wake people up” about the issue.

    Millican is also involved in Moot Court and Young Americans for Liberty, a non-partisan organization on campus that encourages general student involvement in the political process.

    After graduation, he said he planned to attend law school and to work for success in the future.

    “If it’s politics or if it’s whatever I decide to do, the goal would be to be respected and to be remembered for accomplishing something,” he said.