Resolution to honor student’s life passes unanimously


    In an effort to set a precedent for student deaths, Student Government Association representatives unanimously passed a resolution Tuesday to honor sophomore accounting and finance major Mackenzie Workman, who died Sunday, Jan. 15.

    According to the meeting agenda, the resolution was a way for the SGA to recognize Workman and her contributions to the community.

    SGA gave their condolences to Workman’s family and honored her memory through the resolution. 

    Workman — whose death Fort Worth police said was a suspected suicide — was the subject of a moving statement by other Neeley Fellows as they made their case for why the resolution should be approved.

    Vice President of Operations Joshua Simpson, one of the resolution’s co-authors, said he hoped the resolution would set a standard to recognize every student death. Simpson said every time a student died, he would like to honor the student and send recognition to their family.

    The resolution honoring Workman was not the only piece of legislation the SGA representatives approved.

    SGA representatives also unanimously passed a resolution to support the marketing campaign of the shuttle tracking system, a smartphone application that lets students track where the TCU shuttles are located.

    The marketing campaign would place advertisements in napkin dispensers as well as on the sides of the shuttles.