Harris College still plans on study abroad in London


    Olympians from around the world are planning on calling London their home for the summer and so will some Horned Frogs.

    Diane Hawley, assistant professor of professional practice, said that although some students in the Harris College of Nursing and Health Sciences would be in London they would not be in the city during the time of the Olympics. However, the group would still be affected by the increased traffic and tourism the Olympics usually brought, she said.

    Hawley said students in the nursing school studied in London every other summer.

    She said she would accompany the students this summer, her seventh trip with the Harris College, as they made the trip “across the pond.”

    However, this summer’s program would be slightly different than previous years, Hawley said, because it added Geneva, Switzerland, to the list of destinations.

    “Switzerland has a unique element in the fact that it is the home of the World Health Organization, the Red Cross and the International Council for Nurses,” she said. “It is a hub for many international health organizations.”

    The students would spend the first week of their trip at a retreat center in Geneva. During the last two weeks of their journey, the group would stay in the Bloomsbury district of London, she said.

    Senior nursing major Stephanie Ellis said she went on the trip two summers ago.

    “We got to see how universal health care works, we got to do the Jack the Ripper walk and we got to go see Stonehenge,” Ellis said.

    Hawley said the program would help students learn about the differences between the health care systems of the United States, London and Switzerland. 

    “We are studying the health care systems and comparing them to the United States’ health care system,” Hawley said. “We’re looking at England national health service and Switzerland’s health care system in Geneva.”

    Although the program is organized by the Harris College of Nursing and Health Sciences, it is available to students of all majors who are interested.

    When: June 9 – June 30
    Where: London, England and Geneva, Switzerland
    Cost: $3,150
    Who: All majors