Chaplain offers Interfaith service trip to San Francisco


    Explore, serve, pray and learn. These are the four objectives of this year’s Interfaith spring break trip to San Francisco.

    Todd Boling, associate chaplain for Religious and Spiritual Life, organized activities designed to expose students to faiths and cultures that might be unfamiliar to students.

    Boling said, “College is an opportunity to figure what you stand for and what you want to do personally.”

    Interfaith, an initiative of the Office of Religious and Spiritual Life, commits to providing students with opportunities to connect with people of all faiths, Boling said.

    Students on the trip would understand more about Buddhist, Islamic and Hindu worship practices, he said. Service activities would include delivering meals to the elderly with a Jewish congregation and habitat rehabilitation with other faith communities, he said.

    In addition to faith exploration, Boling said the trip would offer a number of recreational activities, including a hike in the Muir Woods.

    Boling said he hoped the trip gave students an opportunity to experience people from different walks of life coming together to help one another.

    “I think too many times we look at the ways that we’re different rather than celebrate the things that we share in common and learn from our differences,” Boling said.
    Paige Wells, a sophomore writing major, said she felt committed to building interfaith relationships based on working toward a common cause.

    She said learning to value and respect the religious backgrounds of others strengthened people’s ability to get things done in the community. Wells said she planned to join Interfaith for the spring break trip and looked forward to being involved with program more in the fall.

    However, for students such as Tony Stripling, a sophomore English and Spanish double major, a busy schedule could hinder opportunities for self-reflection during the semester.

    Spring break is usually a time to relax, but it could also be a great opportunity for students to take time to work on themselves, Stripling said.

    Boling said, overall, the trip would give open-minded students a renewed excitement about the interfaith work that could happen in Fort Worth. Anyone interested in religious diversity could participate in Interfaith’s spring break trip