Mayor Price encourages all to participate in “Go Purple” Tuesday

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Fort Worth City Council and Fort Worth Mayor Betsy Price declare Tuesday to be a day of purple in support of the university.

“Go Purple” Tuesday is in response to how the university handled the arrest of 16 TCU students on suspicion of dealing drugs last week. “That is simply unacceptable and such reported behavior is not tolerated at this University,” Chancellor Victor Boschini said in a statement released after Wednesday’s arrests.

“I think [the university] did exactly what they needed to do,” Price said. “I think they felt they had to take a stand on it… and I think they had a good message on it.”

The “Go Purple” Tuesday announcement was posted on the city of Fort Worth’s website on Friday. Tuesday’s recognition is similar to Forth Worth’s usual “Go Purple” Fridays where Horned Frog fans wear purple during the fall in support of the university and its football team.

“We want to stand solid with [the university] for the decision they made and let them know the community cares about them,” Price said.

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