Sleepy Jackson


    Sleepy who? This is exactly what I said when I was given the copy of Sleepy Jackson’s new CD entitled “Lovers.” But soon after I listened to the CD I found the native Australian band was actually something I really enjoyed.

    On the Lovers CD, Sleepy Jackson has created an eclectic feel of different music eras and moods. From one song to the next you never know what type of instrument might influence the song. The members from Australia, where they have gained much praise over the years, have also gained much of their influence from punk rock legend Nick Cave. In songs like “Rain Falls for Wind,” and “Tell the Girls,” the punk rock influence is clearly heard. Both songs are also ones that could either be labeled pure punk or rock alongside bands like Audioslave and Chevelle. Besides the punk on the CD, you will find instances of acoustic and steel guitars.

    The lyrics of “Miniskirt,” are oddly funny as the lead singer describes his life as a girl, and how he would wear a miniskirt into town. Later in “Old Dirt Farmer,” I was surprised when the song ironically broke into a sort of fun sing-along country song with the fiddle, piano and steel guitar all in harmony. One of my favorite songs off the CD was “Vampire Racecourse.” It is a great, fresh tune, almost like a mix between White Stripes and Rolling Stones with a little bit of Jimi Hendrix on the side.

    That is just what makes this band worthy of your listening time. When you think that you know how to classify them by what type of music is being played, along comes a song like “Apples,” that throws everything off. This, in today’s industry, is what listeners want; fresh, a break from the same old crap we have been mumbling through over the years in the Pop Revolution. Given their colorful background of influences and mentors, Sleepy Jackson has created not just a CD for a generation or a certain listening audience. Sleepy Jackson has created an album worthy of all the generated praise. It is something anyone can listen to and find enjoyment in, whether you like the Beatles, Billy Idol, Bob Dylan or even Johnny Cash. I am sure you will find that Sleepy Jackson’s Lovers is something worth buying and not just downloading. So give them a chance and I promise you what you hear will be anything but what you expected.