Officials say parking improvements are close


    The university plans to spend $2.1 million for parking improvements that include new parking lots, new lights and fences and a new shuttle service, administration officials said.

    The administration has not determined the exact location of improvements, said Don Mills, vice chancellor for student affairs. The money is part of the $248 million budget the Board of Trustees approved Jan. 30. The next budget year begins June 1.

    “Bottom line: we are determined to show marked progress in the area of parking, more parking, by the time school begins again for fall of 2004,” Chancellor Victor Boschini said. “It is also my goal at this time to do so without utilizing a parking garage, primarily because of the monetary impact such a building would create.”

    A portion of the money has been allocated to build security fences around campus parking lots.

    “Fences make it easier to control who enters a lot,” Mills said, “and also makes the possibilities of escape for thieves much less.”

    The $2.1 million figure was decided upon by the administration and a request was then made to the Board, Boschini said. 

    “We came up with that number based on our desire to a) improve existing parking facilities and b) add even more,” Boschini said.

    Mills said the administration is considering new lots on Lubbock Street; near the School of Business; the corner of Stadium Drive and Berry Street; and north of the football stadium.

    For the long term, Mills said he expects parking improvements to develop on the edge of campus away from the academic core.

    “Parking will not become more convenient to all buildings on the campus,” Mills said. “Not all will like that approach, but it does preserve the center of the campus for our primary mission.”

    Areas being considered for new lots:

    • Lubbock Street across from the business school
    • The corner of Stadium and Berry Streets (Bellaire condos)
    • Expanding the lot at the Secrest-Wible Building
    • North of Amon Carter Stadium