Student creed includes “respect, passion, integrity”

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    Students have 18 more words to live by now.

    Members of the House of Student Representatives voted Tuesday evening to pass a resolution to establish the Official TCU Student Creed. Members passed the resolution by a 30-3 vote.

    Members of the House also passed a new budget for the 2012-2013 fiscal year. 

    The creed states students are committed to “excellence by serving with respect, learning with passion, and leading with integrity.”

    Student Government Association President Brent Folan said the creed was historic and that he felt passionate about making sure students were aware of the creed.

    Tuesday evening House members also voted to allocate $740 to the TcUBA Quartet, a student tuba quartet, for the group’s registration fees to perform in Austria for the 2012 International Tuba Euphonium Conference.

    Folan said he planned for SGA to promote the creed and for it to become a part of the first year experience, with students learning it at Frog Camp and orientation. He also wanted to put the creed in stone on campus.

    Student feedback on the creed has been positive, he said.

    Members of Intercom, a group made up of the leaders of other student organizations, have worked on the creed since Feb. 15, Folan said.

    In other business, House members passed the budget by a 27-3 vote, with three representatives not voting.

    SGA Treasurer David Belpedio said the budget, at $690,000, was the largest SGA budget ever. The student body fee of $90 would stay the same, he said.

    The budget would go into effect June 1, he said.

    TCU Student Creed

    As TCU students we commit to excellence by serving with respect, learning with passion, and leading with integrity. 



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