Hillel’s Holocaust Museum shares past sufferings with viewers, participants


    “Never again” is a quote often said when people remember the events of the Holocaust. 

    As a part of the Holocaust Museum TCU Hillel hosted this week, about 75 people attended a presentation given Tuesday night by Harriet Cohen, an associate professor in the department of social work. 

    Cohen talked about her experiences during her trip to Poland when she visited concentration camps with a group of SMU fellows, students and members
    of the community. 

    “It was very tranquil. None of the horror greeted you as soon as you got off the bus,” Cohen said. “But as we began walking, it became very clear that this was land where people who had been in a great deal of
    pain had walked.”

    Being at the camps made Cohen more aware of the resilience of individuals who survived the Holocaust. 

    Cohen said she hopes students who learn about the Holocaust would be able to recognize violence going on in the world around them. 

    Hillel president Kyle Orth echoed Cohen’s statements.  

    “We’re the ones that are going to have to put a stop to violence and hate in our world today,” Orth said. 

    Arnold Barkman, Hillel advisor, said a whole generation of students who do not know about the Holocaust get a chance to learn about it through events like the museum.