House of Student Representatives results are in, revote to come


    The voting is over and the results are in. The list of TCU’s 2012-2013 chapter of the House of Student Representatives can be found below.

    Due to circumstances outside of their control the College of Education, the Class of 2013, Class of 2014 and Class of 2015 elections will be redone next Tuesday, April 24 from 8 a.m. until Wednesday, April 25 at 8 a.m., Brett Phillips said, student activities coordinator. 
    The applications for Committee Chair and Speaker of the House will be released after all other election results are in, Phillips wrote in an email.
    In order to be eligible to vote for class representatives students must be enrolled in at least nine hours. The break down of hours for class representatives is listed below.
    Class representations:
    Senior, Class of 2013: 84 hours and above
    Junior, Class of 2014: 54 to 83 hours
    Sophomore, Class of 2015: 24 to 53 hours
    Number of votes per college:
    Nursing & Health Sciences – 439
    College of Fine Arts – 162
    College of Communication – 531
    AddRan College of Liberal Arts – 1180
    Neeley College of Business – 1291
    College of Science & Engineering – 929
    Honors College – 1547
    Election Results that will be done on 4/24 & 4/25
    College of Education – 292
    Class of 2013 – 420
    Class of 2014 – 523
    Class of 2015 – 961

    Election Results – House of Representatives 2012-2013

    AddRan College of Liberal Arts (vote for 8)
    Michael Dabbs
    Nick Daigle
    Parker Fleming
    Jansen Harrison
    Jake Potter
    Michael Ridings
    Jennifer Villyard
    Jillian Voigt                          

    College of Communication (vote for 6)
    Rachel Adcock
    Michael Barrera
    Jaclyn Cravello
    Emily Denney
    Evan Folan
    Hillary Shepheard

    College of Fine Arts (vote for 4)
    Brittany Deisher
    Peyton Frank
    Thomas Kober
    Taylor Qualls

    College of Science and Engineering (vote for 8)
    Alex Cohen
    Bryce Griffith
    Barrington Hwang
    Zach Madel
    Victoria Middleton
    Emily Rodenbach
    Schuyler Stump
    Whitney Summers

    Harris College of Nursing & Health Sciences (vote for 6)

    Sharnise Gossett
    Spencer Heath
    Liz Nifong
    Abby Terhaar
    Rachel Tull
    Megan Williams                          


    Honors College (vote for 5)
    Luke Harville
    Austin Marple
    Lauren Sharp
    Ryan Tiglas
    Cody Westphal

    Neeley School of Business (vote for 9)
    Nate Anderson
    Burton Cowles
    Nathan Hearnsberger
    Katie Russell
    Katie Neuberger
    Michelle Nguyen
    Chandler Reece
    Trent Smith
    Jennifer Tomany

    Election April 24th 8 a.m. – April 25th 8 a.m.

    College of Education (vote for 2)
    Marquis Harris
    Amanda Oswald
    Mary Valuck                          

    Class of 2013 (vote for 2)
    Marcus Bustos
    Kyle Lee
    Mariana Skertchly
    Addison White

    Class of 2014 (vote for 2)
    Amanda Oswald
    Mary Valuck

    Class of 2015 (vote for 2)
    Paulina Blanc
    Samantha Calimbahin
    Marquis Harris
    Stuart Maples
    Matthew Spangler

    Correction: At 1:55 p.m. on Wednesday, April 18, Sharnise Gossett's name was taken off the Class of 2015 section and added to the Harris College of Nursing.