Group to express faith with spring dance show


    Dance group Calling In Action has put faith into action through various dance styles and will display its love for Christ on Friday during its spring dance show.

    The show will be the first the group has had on campus since it started in 2004, Kaitlin McGuffin, manager of CIA, said.

    The two-hour show will feature 14 dances choreographed and performed by students, pieces by outside dance companies and a solo by former CIA manager Keri Halvorson, McGuffin said.

    The TCU Soul Steppers and the Eta Iota Sigma worship team also will perform at the event, she said.

    The group planned to host a raffle at the show that will have prizes such as $25 dollar gift cards to Apple, Yo! Frozen Yogurt Lounge, Blue Sushi Sake Grill, Chili’s and Starbucks as well as an autographed Tim Halperin CD, McGuffin said.

    She hoped having the show on campus would help get the group’s name out and encourage involvement from all majors and levels of dance experience, she said.

    McGuffin, a junior graphic design major, said she had been a member of CIA since her first year at the university, and during her three years of involvement, the group saw expansion to more diverse dance styles, including
    African and musical theater.

    McGuffin, who danced 20 hours a week in high school, said she joined CIA to continue her passion for dance without the strenuous time commitment previously required.

    Sophomore education major Jacki Burt said CIA allowed students to continue their passion for dance while still having time for schoolwork and even for a job outside of the university.

    She said involvement in the group also provided students with a place to go and meet new women who had the same passion for dance and the same love for Christ as they did.

    “Instead of doing competitions to win trophies, we compete to praise Christ,” Burt said.

    Ashley Friedman, a senior communication studies major and CIA assistant manager, said CIA gave her experience with organizing dance events, as she planned to work with the Texas Ballet Theater after graduation.

    “After I graduate, I will miss being able to practice and perform with girls who have the same passions for dance as an act of worship as well as just for fun,” Friedman said.

    Ellen Vierse, senior dance major and modern dance choreographer for CIA, said the lyrics of worship music have provided inspiration for her choreography but that the dancers made the dance come together beautifully with the faith they invested, she said.

    Burt said that through her involvement in CIA, she was able to use her knowledge of dance to help others in the community, including volunteering to help teach dance classes in Fort Worth.

    Providing members with Bible study, social events and leading the opening and closing prayers during practices and performances were some aspects CIA growth coordinator and junior dance major Kristen Reyes provided for the group.

    “My goal for Friday’s performance is to pray that the Holy Spirit will captivate these women and their bodies and that they even touch one heart in the audience and bless them with hope,”
    Reyes said.

    McGuffin said students who wanted to become involved in CIA took a placement class which groups them into different experience levels. Friday’s concert would showcase all levels.

    Vierse said she encouraged freshman dance majors to get involved in CIA because the group provided the opportunity to perform regardless of their year or experience level.

    Burt said all the women planned to perform a finale piece to display the coming together of these various levels of experience and genres of dance.

    Reyes said anyone who had a passion for dance, a fire for God and a desire to pursue a new outlet of expression at TCU should join CIA.

    Calling In Action spring show

    When: 8 p.m. Friday

    Where: Ed Landreth Hall

    Admission: $5, free for students