MyTCU app allows more timely access



    News of a mobile app for surfaced in September 2011. That news has now come to fruition with the pilot release of the app called MyTCU Mobile and online at Ever since class registration has been online and classes have been in such high demand, students have stressed about their time to sign up for classes.

    This new app might lessen the stress that comes with registration. Instead of setting calendar reminders on phones to register for classes, students can actually register from their phones. That is, though, only if they have a smartphone.

    The app would help when students’ registration times occurred while they were in class or not by a computer for one reason or another.

    With that said, the app does not help students who do not own smartphones. Believe it or not, there are some students that have phones which are either “old” flip phones or phones that do not support newer apps, such as MyTCU Mobile.

    Even if all students on the university campus had smartphones that supported these new apps, how much would the app cost? Cost is still a major factor to college students, even if it could make life easier. A measly 99 cents can be enough to deter students from buying the app.

    Although registration would probably be the biggest reason for students to use the app, they could also use the app to look up their GPAs or schedules during the first few weeks of a new semester when all students, especially freshmen, are trying to remember where to go for each class.

    Overall the app would be more beneficial than not, as long as it works properly and with all smartphones.


    Managing editor Chelsea Katz for the editorial board.