House allocates $22,500 to student memorial


    Members of the House of Student Representatives approved a bill Tuesday evening that allocated the rest of their budget, $22,506 , to fund a student memorial on campus to remember and honor students who have died. House members passed the bill by a vote of 25-0 with three representatives not voting.  

    Student Government Association Vice President of Operations Josh Simpson said a student’s death had a large impact on the student body and the memorial would be part of a healing process. Students should be honored in all stages of life, he said.

    The memorial would have a bronze statue similar to the lily pads on top of Frog Fountain in the middle, he said. The exact location of the memorial has not been determined yet.

    According to the legislation, there was no central place for students to remember and honor students who have died, and the student memorial would create a place for individual and collective remembrance. 

    The Physical Plant estimated the student memorial would cost at least $50,000, according to the legislation. 

    In other business, House members unanimously passed a resolution thanking the university faculty for the 2011-2012 academic year. 

    The Academic Affairs committee would present a letter to the Faculty Senate at the end of the academic year thanking faculty for their commitment and dedication to the university, according to the legislation. 

    House members also voted to reject a bill that would have allocated $2,500 to buy a one-year trial of, a carpooling website. House members rejected the bill by a vote of 12-20.

    Opponents of the bill said SGA could be held responsible if an accident occurred and that students might not use the website often. Supporters said the bill was a good opportunity to try a program that could be successful. 

    The meeting was the last one of the 98th House session, which occurred during the 2011-2012 academic year.