Nursing students promote National Take Back Medication Day


    April 28 is National Take Back Medication Day and TCU nursing students are helping spread the word not only on campus but throughout the Fort Worth community as well.

    Through their community clinical class, Cecily Street, Carolyn Tryon, Deborah Swink, Katie Winter and Sarah Morey have been marketing for the program. The students are all a part of TCU’s Accelerated Nursing Program.

    Assistant professor of nursing Gina Alexander said TCU nursing students were approached to help spread awareness about National Take Medication Back Day program in Fort Worth.

    “Our focus was to continue their marketing efforts around Fort Worth so we hung up posters we talked with members of the community and big business and just tried to get the word out their,” TCU accelerated nursing program student Katie Winter said.

    The Take Back Medicine Program is a national initiative and its main focus is to decrease the number of deaths caused by intentional and unintentional poisoning.

    “We really wanted to make our focus on marketing to TCU because of the recent drug bust we wanted to kind of give the students an opportunity to get rid of the meds that they may have that might get into circulation and give them an opportunity to get them off their hands and get them off of campus,” Morey said.

    The National Take Back Meds Program introduced the idea of boxes that are going to be placed in police stations where people can drop off medications and substances with no questions asked, Winter said.

    People end up stocking medication in their cabinet and they don’t know what to do with the drugs, providing an opportunity for someone to misuses the drugs, Winter said.

    People who could potentially fall victim to accidental drug overdose are the elderly, by accidentally mixing up medications, and children who get into their parents medicine cabinet, Morey said.

    On Saturday April 28, four medication stations will be set up all over the Fort Worth area from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

    The locations are the Ridgmar Mall, The Health, Safety and Crime Prevention Fair, The Saginaw Fire Station and the Keller Police Department. The services are free and anonymous.

    According the Fort Worth News Release, the program is accepting all controlled and non-controlled medications. Medications will only be accepted from local residents.

    According to the press release, the participating local agencies are the City of Fort Worth, US Drug Enforcement Agency, Safe Kids Tarrant County led by Cook Children’s, Safe Communities America and the Saginaw and Keller Police departments.

    For more information visit and click on the icon the reads “Got Drugs?”