Campaign for TCU ends after 7 years


    A total of 39,500 donors contributed $432 million in 7 years for The Campaign for TCU.

    In an email sent to faculty and staff on Thursday, Chancellor Victor Boschini thanked staff and linked to the video below as a teaser to a full report coming in the fall.

    The Campaign for TCU cites the following as its goals and priorities:

    ●      Enhancing our vibrant campus community

    ●      Recruiting highachieving students with the potential for leadership

    ●      Strengthening academic programs so they will be ranked among the best and supporting the faculty

    ●      Enabling the University to make critical choices as a result of annual gifts

    The university met its $100 million goal for scholarships before the 25th Annual Scholarship Dinner in April despite being behind two-and-a-half years ago, Don Whelan, Vice Chancellor for University Advancement, said.

    In order to create a sense of urgency for fundraising, the university marketed the scholarship campaign separately and put a volunteer committee together, Whelan said.

    This is the highest scholarship fundraising goal in the university’s history. Whelan said the last campaign, from 1992 to 1998, raised $31 million for scholarships.