Sassy Hot Dogs food truck redefines the traditional hot dog


    Sassy Hot Dog’s gourmet hot dog stand found a new home with its grand opening in Cow Town Chow Down food park last month in Fort Worth.

    The hot dog delicacy stand is in its third year of operation after Fort Worth native Garland Geeslin compiled a strictly trial and error menu by “going through the produce aisle and grabbing everything possible,” Geeslin said.

    Geeslin’s menu is not limited to hot dogs and also houses specialty burgers and “sassy tacos” among various other greasy delights, but with dogs garnished in barbequed pulled pork and grilled onions, it can be hard for one to focus on anything else.
    For my first visit to Sassy Hot Dogs, I decided the best idea would be the biggest idea. I sat aside my dietary integrity the moment I laid eyes on one of the sassiest specialties. That would be the “Wrap That Frank,” which is most commonly referred to as the “WTF” for less politically correct reasons, I would assume.
    The WTF is described on the menu as being “two pounds of pleasure,” but after my experience with the sassy pile of hardy proteins and cheeses I for one can vouch that the “WTF” is so much more than that.
    Three types of cheeses, chili and grilled onions make holy matrimony with French fries, a fried egg and a hot dog, which sounds more than satisfying on its own. That is until it is then combined with pastrami, bacon and a “little bit of love” engulfed within a flour tortilla and later served to individuals such as myself who clearly see the uncomfortable stage of being completely full and slightly miserable as a somewhat cozy feeling.
    Do not be misled, Geeslin and his team, which includes his wife, Shiow Fen and a few part time employees, do not simply throw all of the goodness one could possibly fathom into a tortilla and call it a dog. In fact, after committing gluttony of the highest form, Geeslin explained to me the systematic layering that goes into preparing the “WTF” in order for Fort Worth food hoarders, not unlike myself, to experience complete hot dog bliss.
    The specific layering within the “WTF” causes the ingredients in the burrito-like structure to align as the cheese melts and moves all the components around, Geeslin explained.
    This then causes the “WTF” to form its own strategic layers so that taking a bite from one corner will have a different taste almost entirely than taking a bite out of a different corner.
    “When you get to the end it’s like ‘I didn’t taste that at all until now,” Geeslin said. “It’s to keep it interesting the whole time you’re eating it.”
    A hot dog contraption with a surprise at every angle. A concept that can only be described in three simple words: pure culinary genius.
    Although I can say that I am not opposed to polluting ones body as long as it is done in a conscious, sensible manner, I must also communicate the conscious, sensible production that goes into the creation of every single component on Sassy Hot Dog’s menu.
    Garland Geeslin is an advocate for producing completely pesticide and chemical-free fruits and vegetables that go into his products.
    Because Geeslin said he believed pesticides in plant production are a leading factor in many health-related illnesses in the country, he has more than 100 plants in the ground that he grows himself. From green beans to habaneros, to Chinese eggplants to cantaloupe, he has four main plant gardens not including a “trash garden” that he cultivates to distract bugs from inhabitation of the four.
    “Nature gave it to us. Why not take what God gave us and use it,” Geeslin said.
    So what’s next for Garland Geeslin and his produce-friendly, over portioned food truck future? Another specialty stand, of course.
    If all remains well in the hot dog realm throughout the course of six months, Geeslin hopes to pursue another truck in the park, but this one with a focus on “crazy international foods,” he said. 
    As for me and my pursuit of hot dog happiness, I find that quest remains far from over. Although Geeslin and company helped me reach ultimate hot dog satisfaction, something tells me that faithful food truck has more in store for myself and my taste buds.