Internet trolls attack OSA’s “Call Me Maybe” parody


    The Orientation Student Assistants’ cover of “Call Me Maybe” started as a light-hearted skit, but now it’s a viral video that’s being ridiculed and heckled.

    OSAs accompany incoming TCU freshmen every summer as peer advisers. The OSA staff decided to cover the no. 1 Billboard song “Call Me Maybe” by Carly Rae Jepsen this year to entertain parents and students.

    The skit is intentionally over-the-top and cheesy to make parents laugh during a stressful time as their children prepare for college, OSA Garrett Gastil said. Gastil, a sophomore pre-business major, said he believes people have taken the video too seriously and doesn’t appreciate the negative responses.

    The video was uploaded on the official TCU YouTube page but was taken down because of the many negative responses. But another unauthorized YouTube user uploaded the video and posted it on their account and by Tuesday afternoon it had more than 33,000 views.

    Jonathan Bishop, founder of the Trolling Academy, a site that gives information on trolling, hurtful messages posted online, said OSAs shouldn’t be disheartened by the attacks.

    “You have got to admit that the act is out of tune,” Bishop said in an email. “But there is one thing in it that really gets to the Snerts/Hater-Trollers attacking them- the people in the video are showing confidence and that they are willing to give it a go.”

    He said that if the group’s confidence is diminished by a mean-hearted comment, the trollers believe they’ve won.

    The majority of the video’s referrals come from Total Frat Move, according to the video’s statistics. A string of “Call Me Maybe” covers erupted after the Harvard baseball team lip sang and danced to the song and reached viral video stardom with more than 13 million views.

    The staff plans to perform the song a few more times this summer for incoming parents and students no matter what some negative comments suggest.