Six hall directors join HRL staff


    TCU Housing and Residence Life begins the new year with six new hall directors.

    Although the number of hall directors who were hired is unusual to compared to previous years, TCU is glad to have them, said Craig Allen, director of TCU Housing and Residence Life.

    Allen said he expects a slight hall director turnover every three years, but this year happened to be more than usual.

    “Most of those people are leaving to explore other job opportunities. Some of them are leaving for personal reasons,” Allen said.

    A hall director supervises resident assistants and also residents in their hall. New hall directors are assigned to Clark Hall, Colby Hall, Moncrief Hall, Milton Daniel Hall and Sherley Hall.

    All have the characteristics of a hall director and are the best fit this position.

    They have demonstrated to have a “great work ethic,a positive attitude and a great understanding of college student development,”Allen said.

    Summer Priest is the hall director for King and Wright Hall and is a TCU graduate.

    Bianca Newton is the hall director for Colby Hall and is a graduate from James Madison University.

    Lexie Hart is the hall director for Sherley Hall and is a graduate from the University of Mississippi.

    Varselles Cummings is the hall director for Milton Daniel and is a graduate from San Diego State University.

    Miles Oller is the hall director for Moncrief Hall and is a graduate of the University of Oklahoma.

    Christina Coorvert, rounding out the list of new hall directors, serves as hall director for Clark Hall and is a graduate of the University of North Texas. 

    Oller, who already started working said he already noticed the emphasis TCU puts on community.

    “I think something is weighted very heavily on the hearts of upper level administrators, they see that these communities are very important,” Oller said.

    He said he is very excited about the autonomy he gets in his position.

    “I have the ability to make this building reflect something of me,” he said. 



    This article includes a correction of one additional hall director.