TCU reaches confidential settlement in Big East lawsuit


    TCU officials said Thursday that the university had reached a confidential settlement with the Big East.

    The information came in response to an Associated Press article that cited an anonymous source who said the university paid the conference the $5 million it had sought in federal court.

    The report came after the announcement late Wednesday that the Big East Conference dropped its suit against the university for reneging its agreement to join the conference in July.

    In response to the claim, Lisa Albert, university spokesperson said there was a settlement, but it couldn’t be disclosed because of a confidentiality agreement.

    The Big East would not comment on a settlement amount, but Sara Naggar, director of communications for the Big East issued a prepared statement Wednesday evening stating that “TCU has fully discharged its obligations to the Big East.”

    However, the conference did announce that it settled similar claims against Syracuse University and the University of Pittsburgh this week. Each agreed to pay the Big East $7.5 million, including $5 million in damages for the universities’ departures from the conference.