New food truck opening on TCU campus


    TCU will open a food truck in August that will be outside the library from the early lunch hours to right before dinner, Michael Dahl, director of operations for Market Square, said.

    “We’re going to open simple, keep it fun, and let it grow into what it’s going to be from there,” Dahl said.

    The truck named “Big Purple Truck” will feature food by chef Tim Love, of Woodshed and the Lonesome Dove Cafe, Dahl said.

    The idea for the food truck came about late one night in a brainstorming session and took off from there, Dahl said. Since then, TCU hired Evan Jacobson, a recent Penn State grad, solely to help with the truck operation.

    The exact location for the truck has not been determined but it will be a Monday through Friday feature outside the the library and at all the home football games, Dahl said.

    Campus Cash and Frog Bucks will be accepted at the truck as long as it’s on the east side of campus, Dahl said. The truck  won’t accept Campus Cash or Frog Bucks at the football games due to the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard.

    The truck has two serving windows and plenty of storage for fresh food, Dahl said. The truck will also have a flat screen placed on the outside and will play music during strategic times.

    The truck was purchased in the middle of May and was driven back to TCU from California, Dahl said.

    “We still have a lot of work to do, but it’s close,” Dahl said.