TCU students enjoy private shopping at Target


    TCU students prepared for the start of a new school year with a private back to school shopping experience at Target.

    Target Stores nationwide are closing their doors to the public and opening them just for college students like those at TCU for a private shopping trip as they transition into their new home.

    TCU students rode on buses that rotated from 10 p.m. to 12 a.m. to the Target on Carroll Street.

    Target is hosting 69 busing events throughout the country bringing college students to their local Target after hours, public relations for Target Andrea McCauly said.

    “It’s a fun and inviting experience where students can come in, and get to know other students who are starting school all at the same time, listen to a little music, play some fun games, and really enjoy Target after the doors close for the public,” McCauly said.

    The Target that hosted TCU’s shopping experience was filled with music, dancing, and games, providing students with a fun night while having the opportunity to personalize their college residence halls.

    “We have two pillows, lights, some nuts, midnight snacks, an ottoman and a lamp,” freshman graphic design major Courtnie Limes said.

    As each Horned Frog checks out, they can be a little more comfortable that their dorm feels more like a home than just a hall.