200 free prints reinstated for students


    The Information Technology Center will increase the amount of free prints available to students from 150 to 200, according to an email sent to the student body Wednesday afternoon.

    The free print limit was decreased from 200 to 150 Monday due to budgetary reasons.

    The free print limit was increased after Chief Technology Officer Bryan Lucas met with administration.  The administration said that they would "try to find a way to address the budget shortfall without any financial impact to the students," according to the email sent on Wednesday. 

    Student body president Brent Folan said he is still trying to increase the free print amount.

    "Like I said before, one of my biggest goals last year was to increase the free print amount on campus," Folan said. "Getting back to 200 again is just back to square one."

    Folan will meet with Lucas on Monday morning to introduce a plan for more free prints that would also save money for the administration.