Ten lots cleared for game day


    The emails were numerous, and the enticements to comply included a chance to win an iPad, but an hour after Friday's deadline passed for student parking lots to be emptied in anticipation of game day parking at least 20 vehicles had to be towed from the lots. 

    An area of the Sandage lot was set aside for impounded vehicles, according to TCU Police Dispatcher David Coriano. No tickets were given to students who had their cars towed. But if students did not move their cars back to their normally designated area by 11 p.m. on Sunday they would be ticketed by TCU Police.

    The freshmen lot, over flow, and others near the stadium were all cleared for game day parking. Students complained about the inconvenience, but said they understood that the increased demand for parking was part of joining the Big 12 Conference. 

    “I think the whole prize thing, even though it’s just for a small amount of people, kind of makes it a little bit easier, said sophomore biology pre-med major Iain Bryant. but at the same time, at the end of the day you’re just finishing up classes, the least think you wanna do is treck up here to move your car.” 

    After driving around for about 15 minutes and discovering Sandage was full, Bryant said he finally found a parking spot in the new lot near Lubbock and Lowden. 

    Freshman early child education major Emily Miller also had to go to Lubbock and Lowden after finding the Sandage full, but Miller said she didn’t mind having to move her car because of the Big 12 game. 

    “I think it’s a hassle, but I respect that we’re in the Big 12 now and that that has to happen. I’m a big football fan, so I get that we have to make exceptions,” Miller said.

    Junior music composition major Will Wood said he feels he shouldn’t have to move his car.

    “I was in the sophomore parking and I didn’t have to move it there, because it was the one across from the Rec," he said. "But then I moved to the Greek, it happened to be a numbered space, so it kind of sucked. I kind of feel like I shouldn’t cause I’m an upperclassman, so I shouldn't have to, but it’s not a huge deal.