Students say they believe in HallCrew’s potential


    HallCrew helps students build community in their residence halls through events inspired by theCrew.

    Sophomore accounting major Rachel Talley said she was surprised by the number of students who have participated in HallCrew events.

    “Bulletin board making was the biggest hit. All of the events have been really fun; I was really pleased to see the turnout,” Talley said.

    The goal of HallCrew is to bring students together, Talley said.

    Michael Daniels, a Samuelson resident assistant, said he thinks HallCrew is a good alternative to Hall Council.

    “It [HallCrew] has paired our residents with theCrew, which people already know of on campus," Daniels said. "It also gives students opportunities to plan bigger events and create their own ideas."

    Every event, from making candy kabobs to painting doorstops, has been popular, Daniels said.

    “HallCrew has allowed people to come together that they may not have known before, and it has also helped us, the RAs, connect to other residents and empower them to build community," Daniels said. "I have introduced people at events already, and I am quite sure they will be hanging out later on."

    GrandMarc Assistant Hall Director Hannah Paul said she has had a lot of student interest in the leadership positions HallCrew offers.

    “Honestly, I was nervous before because I did not know if upper classmen would want to get involved," Paul said. "But I was surprised by the amount of emails I have been getting about people wanting to come and sign up for leadership positions."

    There are four leadership positions within HallCrew for each residence hall: HallCrew team leader, HallCrew rep, residence hall rep and eco rep.

    However, Talley said HallCrew is not limited to four leadership positions, and that students are always encouraged to get involved within their residence hall.