Sophomore pinning starts new tradition


    Sophomore students received a Class of 2015 pin at the inaugural Second Year Pinning Ceremony Tuesday afternoon.

    Daniel Terry, a director with Student Development Services, said the ceremony was a way to recognize students who made it through their first year at the university and encourage them as they begin their second year.

    Terry said the ceremony was a collaboration between student development services and alumni relations, and was intended to solidify students' connection to the university.

    “We want people to use the phrase ‘Horned Frogs for life’ and so obviously that’s more than just four years,” Terry said. “We want connected people here, and then when they leave here we want them to stay connected.”

    Sophomore modern dance major Caroline Lloyd saw the pinning ceremony as a way to unify the class beyond freshman activities such as orientation, Frog Camp and Frogs First.

    Lloyd said she now feels like an integrated part of the university community and the campus.

    “The point of the pinning ceremony is that we’re no longer freshmen here at TCU,” Lloyd said. “We’re really becoming leaders on campus, and we’re a resource to freshmen and anyone else who may have a question about how things work here at TCU.”

    Kathy Cavins-Tull, vice chancellor for student affairs, spoke at the ceremony and characterized the sophomore year as a slump year, since students are no longer new to the campus but are not yet involved in their major studies.

    Cavins-Tull encouraged students to focus on the positive aspects of being a sophomore and make it a year of commitment, challenge and change.