TCU GSA marches in Dallas Pride parade


    A little rain didn't stop the members of TCU’s Gay-Straight Alliance from marching in the Dallas Pride parade on Sunday.

    Staged as entry 30 in the parade line, TCU paired up with SMU’s GSA to march alongside countless floats and LGBT organizations from across the nation. 

    TCU GSA president Aaron Hampton said the parade, formally named the Alan Ross Texas Freedom Parade 2012, was very exciting.

    “It’s very liberating," Hampton said. "When you go there, there’s so much excitement. There’s a feeling of community and there’s such a wide variety of people.”

    The parade contained floats, demonstrations and marchers from various organizations, from the Texas Gay Rodeo Association to the Dallas Derby Devils. 

    "When you first get out into the street where you're marching, there's so much screaming and yelling," Hampton said. 

    He said he believed it really felt like the university was showing its presence in the Dallas – Fort Worth area by participating in the parade.

    Hampton said the university often gets a bad rap for its treatment of homosexuals because it's a private Christian school. 

    “[People] think it’s hard here or that there must be a lot of negative emotions towards gays or the LGBT community,” He said, “That’s not really true. There’s going to be exceptions, but not because we’re a Christian university as much as there is difference in opinions among people in general.”

    As for the organization itself, Hampton said a tremendous amount of students are involved in GSA this year. The number of interested students who wrote down their information during the student activities fair doubled in comparison to last fall, he said. 

    “Our meetings are centered around discussion of issues.” he said, “There are also people who aren’t necessarily interested in discussion, but are instead interested in being with people in the LGBT community, and so they come to [GSA] socials.”