University Drive businesses weather construction, parking issues


    Despite 60 years of little parking and constant construction, the strip of stores on University Drive continues to bring in business.

    Ashley Thaxton, a sales clerk at Dirty Laundry boutique on University Drive, said she feels customers still come on a regular basis.

    “I kind of thought [the construction] would be an issue but I haven’t heard a lot of complaints," Thaxton said. "People may not know that we have our own park pad in the back so if they say it’s difficult to park here, we always tell them that’s available.”

    Thaxton said it is important to draw customers in by having a “TCU touch” and knowing what students want. She said Dirty Laundry has what TCU girls want, whether it’s purple attire for game day or dresses for sorority functions.

    After five years of consistent business, Dirty Laundry has proven its strategy of trying to bring in students works for them.

    Sumter Bruton, the owner of the neighboring Record Town, said, as the oldest store on University Drive, the business continues to see customers come in on a regular basis. He said he relies on sales from consistent customers who come in weekly. 

    He said he tries to remain faithful with ordering new merchandise every Thursday. Bruton said music consumption has taken a full circle and people are once again interested in records. 

    Although the interest in records has increased, the ability to get into his shop hasn't, he said

    “Parking has always been atrocious around here and its not any better now," Bruton said. "People don’t have any place to park and it’s hard to get in the store where there’s no parking.”

    Bruton said he also recognizes construction as a factor in parking for his shop, however, he said he is not worried that it has decreased customers.

    Popular interest has kept Record Town in business for more than 50 years, Bruton said, and he doesn’t plan to close the doors until he dies. He also said he doesn't plan on it being any time soon.