Sarah Scherer meets the president during private White House tour


    As the university's only current student Olympic athlete, senior Sarah Scherer has had so many new experiences that the words “new” and “exciting” are becoming common phrases in her life.

    The afternoon of Sept. 20, Scherer took a flight to Washington, DC as part of a 24-hour celebration party honoring America's Olympians. By that night, she was salsa dancing in the historic Union Station with those same Olympians.

    Early the morning of Sept. 21, Scherer was touring the White House and conversing with President Barack Obama about her sport. At noon that day she was leaving DC for Fort Worth.

    This was Scherer's second experience in America's capitol, the first time being September 2010 when the team was nationally recognized by the president.

    It was very busy, this time I felt more comfortable and at ease than I did before and it was just a fun time to enjoy,” Scherer wrote in an email.

    Scherer wrote that she met a lot of people during the celebration, but “no one in particular, just lots of Olympians.”

    She wrote that she flew to DC, where she stayed one night at a Hilton Hotel. In addition to the “block party” at Union Station, which was rented out specifically for the Olympians, they were given a tour of the White House and an opportunity to chat with President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama.

    Scherer wrote that President Obama asked her in which sport she competed. When Scherer told him she was a rifle shooter, he joked about his experiences with skeet shooting.

    “It was cool to know that despite his crazy schedule, even the president has wanted to try out his shooting skills,” Scherer wrote.

    From chatting with the president to the free cookies at the hotel, Scherer wrote that her quick journey was fun. But for now, she's back to the books.