TCU, SMU student body presidents encourage good sportsmanship in letters


    To all Horned Frogs and Mustangs,

    This Saturday, September 29, our football teams compete in the “Battle for the Iron Skillet” for the 91st year. 

    We anticipate an exceptional game, great weather, and the opportunity for students and alumni to get reacquainted.

    Our actions and our words speak to who we are as men and women, rather than “just fans”. At the same time, we are responsible for the conduct of our fellow students regardless of the colors you are wearing.

    Support your team and respect the calls of the officials while exhibiting great sportsmanship on and off the field.

    Here’s to a memorable game created by our athletes and coaches, as well as each of you.

    Go Frogs,
    Brent C. Folan
    TCU Student Body President


    To all Mustangs and Horned Frogs: 

    Since its inception in 1915, the Battle for the Iron Skillet has captured the imagination of our universities’ students and alumni alike.

    While Brent and I certainly have different opinions on the outcome of Saturday’s game, we both agree that Mustangs and Frogs alike must temper their school pride with respect for the opposing team.

    Remember that on the Boulevard, in the stands, and everywhere you go this Saturday, you represent the values of your university. The battle occurs between our players on the field —  NOT between fans in the student section.

    Mustangs: Welcome our guests to the Boulevard and show them what SMU Game Day is all about. Should you find jokes and jabs unavoidable, do your best to keep them both subtle and tasteful. 

    Frogs: Come ready for the excitement of Family Weekend on the Hilltop. We’re proud to host such a great program and look forward to the fierce competition that lies ahead. 

    Oh, and as for that Iron Skillet, remember – it’s always Better To Have One, TCU.

    Pony Up,
    Alex Mace
    SMU Student Body President