University seeks to foster community with the TCU Center for Connection


    The university is creating a center to establish better connections between students, faculty and staff.

    Ann Louden, the chancellor's associate for external relations, said she is working with E Pluribus Parners, a leadership-coaching company, to create the TCU Center for Connection.

    According to the center's proposal, the goal is to equip the university's community to sustain a connection culture and to be recognized nationally for its teaching and research. 

    A connection culture is defined as "a feeling of connection between management, employees and customers [that] provides a competitive advantage," according to the company's website.

    The center will bring in speakers to help teach the value of connections to students and faculty, said Michael Stallard, president and co-founder of E Pluribus Partners. 

    “What you see in society today is that we are becoming less connected,” Stallard said. “How do you get the majority to act as one so that everyone feels a part of the group?”

    Depression, drug abuse and loneliness result from the decline of meaningful relationships between members of a community, Stallard said. But these issues can be prevented through proactivity, education and action, he said.

    Administrators have devised a plan to implement the center over a three-year period. The three-year plan consists of specific activities broken up by year, Louden said.

    “We’ve just started at the top of year one,” she said. “The education sessions for faculty, staff and students will probably happen in the spring.”

    The new center will not have a physical office on campus until an endowment can be created to fund it, Louden said. Stallard and the Office of the Chancellor will manage the center.