Greek students reflect on fashion trends on campus


    Are the fashion trends on college campuses correlated with Greek life?

    According to Patti Warrington, fashion merchandising professor and TCU alumnus, the trends have changed within Greek culture since her time as a student.

    “We were going through a major shift," Patti Warrington, fashion merchandising professor and TCU alumnus, said about her time as a Greek college student.

    The more casual attire used to be dresses, rather than oversized shirts and Nike shorts, for sorority women, Warrington said.

    Denim jeans were not a standard day-to-day wear during Warrington’s time at the univesrity, but they were becoming more mainstream and the “hippie” look was starting to trend, she said.

    While at school, Warrington said she definitely saw a difference between those who were affiliated with the Greek system and those who were not.

    And that's still the case today, said Kathlin Ardell, a junior Delta Gamma from Scottsdale, Ariz. Ardell said that wearing an oversized shirt and Nike shorts have become the norm for her since leaving high school.

    Ardell said people who follow trends are usually Greek.

    “It sounds terrible to say, but if someone has upwards of a thousand dollars to pay for dues, you can say that these people are well off," she said. "Since they are well off, they have the income to purchase what is in style."

    But Caroline Richey, a sophomore Zeta Tau Alpha, said non-Greeks' uniqueness is a good thing. Richey said she noticed the uniformity of Greek students with their letters plastered across their shirts.

    “Non-greeks on TCU campus have a more organic style rather than similar like the Greeks," she said.