TCU men’s tennis team continues ITA Championship action


    The men’s tennis team traveled to Tulsa, Okla. Saturday to compete in the annual ITA All-American Championships.

    Sophomore Nick Chappell said the team only signed up to compete in single matches because they have not played doubles together before.   

    “Last year we had guys who were injured, two guys who were ineligible to play, and we lost three seniors,” Chappell said. “No one new is one the team this year, the dynamics are just different.”

    Chappell said he made it to qualifying matches last year and will pick up where he left off Monday because of his previous results.

    “I haven’t played in many matches yet, I am just hoping to play my best and make it as far as I can,” Chappell said.

    The ITA All-American Championships are similar to the NCAA Championships in the spring, Chappell said.

    Chappell said every player on the team would compete in the tournament. ITA championship action continues Sunday.

    “We have been practicing since school began, we are expected to do well this week, but we will see,” Chappell said.