TCU Chemistry Club hosts first non-academic event in years


    The TCU Chemistry Club is finding ways to make it fun and easy for students with majors in the College of Science and Engineering to take a break from the books and meet new people.

    The Chemistry Club hosted its first-annual sand volleyball tournament at the University Recreation Center for students with majors in the College of Science and Engineering on Tuesday.

    Senior chemistry major Abby Moore said the tournament was the first non-academic event the Chemistry Club has hosted in years. The club was restored three years ago when Kayla Green, assistant professor of chemistry, became its sponsor.

    Moore said she planned the volleyball tournament as a way for the college’s separate majors to get to know each other away from an academic classroom setting.

    “Physics majors don’t always get to talk to biology majors, and biology majors don’t always get to talk to the chemistry majors," chemistry professor Jeff Coffer said. "This is a way for everyone to mingle.”

    Chemistry Club Historian Nicola Welch said events the college and its clubs put on are mainly for academic and philanthropic purposes. The tournament was a way to get everyone together socially and have fun, she said.

    Senior biology major Cyrus Elahi said he found out about the tournament through e-mail and signed up to participate online.

    E-mail invitations were only sent to students within the College of Science and Engineering, but Moore said anyone was welcome to play, regardless of skill.

    Teams were based on majors in the college, Welch said. The chemistry team won first place, followed by the senior engineers, then biology.

    According to the university’s website, majors offered in College of Science and Engineering include chemistry, biology, mathematics, psychology, computer science, engineering, nutritional sciences, geology, physics and astronomy.