Block Party hypes students for homecoming game


    Hall crews joined for the first time to celebrate homecoming through a block party for students.

    Residents of Sherley, Colby, Waits, Foster, Samuleson and Carter halls had their lawn filled with inflatable games as Crew members grilled hot dogs and burgers free of charge on Thursday evening.

    Kourtney Kinsel, The Crew hall programming director said the party was the first collaborative event between halls and was marketed specifically for these students to help foster a community for the university's newer students.

    “We wanted to get people talking, see people they haven’t seen before,” Kinsel said. “Also, just to reinforce those friendship ties that have already been blooming in the halls themselves.

    Hunter Weaver, a Sherley hall resident said the event was an unexpected treat.

    “I was just getting some food and I heard the music and I just came to see what was going on,” Hunter Weaver said. “I'm having a blast.”

    The party also included face painting, a dunk tank and other lawn games. The Alcohol and Drug Education Center also had a table that provided pamphlets about the dangers of drunk driving.

    Brinton Muñoz, team leader and Sherley hall crew co-chair, said the party was scheduled to increase the passion in first year students for their first homecoming at TCU.

    “We just wanted everyone to be more hyped up for the homecoming pep rally and the parade, just something to look forward to during the homecoming week,” Munoz said.

    As the festivities began, Kinsel gave her impressions of the event.

    “[It's] a good opportunity for people to collect for homecoming and congregate and be with their friends,” Kinsel said “I'm very happy with it.”