Students react to bronze SuperFrog statue


    The new bronze SuperFrog statue in the Brown-Lupton University Union and its price tag have left many students confused by the choices of the Student Government Association.

    SGA is usually allotted $100,000 to fund the fall concert every year, but this year the TCU Athletics paid for the Blake Shelton concert to celebrate the opening of the new football stadium, leaving SGA with residual funds.

    Brent Folan, student body president, said the Executive Cabinet approved the project as early as last semester to spend $50,000 of the extra funds to surprise students with the new bronze SuperFrog bench that's now located on the first floor of the BLUU.

    The statue was revealed on Homecoming weekend, with families lined up to take pictures next to SuperFrog.

    Devin Ochoa, a sophomore business major, said he thought the statue added to the beauty and scenery of the campus.

    Sophomore neuroscience major Sara Woodard said the statue also encourages school pride.

    “I think the statue is a neat addition to the BLUU and I constantly see people taking pictures with it,” she said.

    Kyra McGuirk, a first-year music education major, said she agreed that the statue was a cool addition to campus, but that it came at too high a cost and the money could have been better spent elsewhere.

    “There are already enough frog statues around campus,” said first-year nursing major Kelsey Hughes. “I’d rather have the money spent on something students could use, instead of something you just see in passing.”

    Along with Hughes, students said the money should have been spent on improvements like parking garages, building updates or a greater variety of food in Market Square.

    “It’s a cool statue, but I’d rather that money go to a new music building, or more practice rooms for the students in the major,” she said. “Something that we actually need like more parking or food options.”

    In response to the recent controversy surrounding the funding of the new statue, SGA passed a bill on Tuesday that requires a majority vote of approval from the Student House of Representatives to obtain permission to spend more than $15,000.

    Megan Williams, Tyler Shahin, Madison Sanders, Oscar Roel and Nick Hayley Bogert contributed to this article.