Presidential candidates debate financial decisions, discuss projects


    SGA President Brent Folan, running for re-election, stood by his position that the SGA cabinet approved the $50,000 Superfrog statue at a debate Wednesday night.

    His opponent, Joshua Simpson, current SGA vice president of operations, said the record speaks for itself, and there was not a vote taken on the bronze statue on April 9.

     Folan said the amount of money spent on the statue equals $6 to $7 a student.

    Simpson responded, “We can’t just spend so much money, Brent. It might be $7 a person, but $50,000 is a hunk of money.”

    Folan said during the debate that his adviser and vice president of External Affairs Graham McMillan would release statements confirming that a vote took place during the Cabinet meeting.

    According to the statement sent to TCU 360 by McMillan, McMillan did not confirm that the vote took place. Instead, he wrote that he was not going to further comment on the vote. The document can be seen below.

    “We have nothing to hide,” Folan insisted.

    Sustainability has also been a concern with the new statue, as Superfrog has changed over time.

    Folan defended the design, saying the Superfrog was chosen because it has been a part of the university through its most successful times in history.

    Simpson said, regardless, the university needs to move on, all we can do is improve future decision-making.

    The debate featured other topics, with each candidate describing their plans for the future.

    Folan said he wanted to implement a plan which allows students to track parking lot capacity through their smart phones. This would save students’ time by informing them of which lots have room. 

    Simpson said he wants to work with the House to have a town hall-like meeting where students can come and voice their concerns.

    Both candidates agreed that there needs to better communication between organizations and more transparency in SGA.

    Despite their disagreements, the two end up under the same roof every night as roommates.

    “We respect each other as people, and respect each other as roommates,” Simpson said.

    “I think it just makes it that much more fun,” Folan said. “I look forward to seeing how everything turns out.”

    Election day is Nov. 13.

    Below are the statements from SGA adviser Kim Turner and vice president of External Affairs Graham McMillan.